White Stag 2011
This year the White Stag fun started on Thursday when some of the Pacific NW  posse showed up in Reno.   Good fun seeing Dennis Y, Eric V and Garth T.    After some silliness Garth and I were not ready to call it a night like the other girlz so we proceeded to go to downown Reno and do a bit of remodeling.    Yikes!   Too much fun .....and it set the stage for what would promise to be another GREAT White Stag Rally.

The next morning my favorite riding buddy Don Simone and I met and we made the long 32.87mile trek out to Ferntucky USA .....where we met up with Brian Roberts ....after some silly stories we eventually got the sidestands up.

The 5hour journey to Beatty only took us 9hours  ....there were food stops, whorehouse stops, and a great time shooting guns out near the megatropolis of Candeleria.    These stops could could have been quicker if.
a.)   Don wouldn't have spent 1.5hours in the WildKat whorehouse
b.)   Brian wouldn't have brought his new and *VERY COOL*  .40SW which we all enjoyed keeping the barrel warm ...along with the other multiple firearms that we had between us.    Yes, there was drinking too.   ---It seemed were were already in White Stag mentality.


Eventually to Beatty and seeing old and new friends and enemies.   Of course booze too -and even a riders' meeting -where there was an interesting rally pack handed out to all.

Then Bar Time ......duh.

That Dirty Old Man (Don Simone) was up to his no-good ways and convinced myself and John Langan to head up downtown Beatty with plans to hit "Bikinis"    
Bikinis  is the first whorehouse built in Nevada in the last 30years and had just opened up a couple of days prior to our arrival.

We hit the Sourdough saloon and 3.14 drinks into the mix Tom A and Jeff F show up to join myslelf, Don S and John L ..   

My obligatory picture of the sign above the urinal at the Sourdough Saloon.

Seems we would have a chaperone this night:  "Sherry" .....and some of you may remember her from a White Stag way back when there was an auction for the shirt that she was wearing.

Sherry, who was bartending at the Sourdough summoned the van from Bikinis to come pick us up ..........and this was the moment that all-things-wrong became the norm:

The next morning, Don, Brian and myself took a ride down to Dante's View:












Then down to Shasone ....where a fun coincidence presented itself.

George Swetland, (IBA #5) was not a part of the White Stag street pussies this weekend
...instead he was down in DV riding dirt with a few friends.   We spotted his bike outside of the restaurant:


George and a couple of his buddies having lunch ....we traded a few quick stories.  It was great to see George.



Probably the mayor of the megatropolis of Shasone USA:


I hate the fuzz






Don was wearing a dew-rag that made him look like a leather-n-tats biker.   So Brian and I made him park over with the Harlies.


Then up to Badwater....



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