RenoJohn Gets Outide Assistance With The Rally Pack.
Via Team:   "Ben Askew's Angus Ladies"

Outside assistance was OK ...and most of the guys had worked on their rally pack at the bar ......
And the Rallymasters had made themselves available to help.   Yep, you could get answers from the rallymasters if you bought them a drink.  A beer or "well drink" would get you an answer, but not necessarily a correct answer.   A top-shelf premium pour would greatly enance your likelyhood of getting a correct answer.

Most in the riding community know BIG BEN  ...Ben Askew who is a legend among Texas LD riders, not to mention a legend around sheep as well as Hickey's primary squeeze at White Stag events.   Ben also owns "Angus Ladies".
Unfortunately ben was not able to make this year's White Stag.

So as a tribute to Ben, I decided to make Angus Ladies my own personal rally-pack headquarters and I sponsored the galz to help with my White Stag rally pack:








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