Road Trip For A Weekend At The Hondarosa
Heading south to meet up with Don, Tim, Wayne and Shelly

Don (dcarver) and I had traded a few notes and figured it time to ride. 
Don said "...come on down to the Hondarosa, ..and a plan was in place.   Don was eager to show me the great roads around the Hondarosa.

Tim (TwoWheelNut) would be joining us ..which meant just that much more fun!! 

I would also meet up with and old buddy Wayne (DRxDR) and as an added bonus, his better half Shelly would be in the mix! 

In no uncertain terms, this was going to be some good fun and I was very excited for the weekend!!!

My route ended up looking pretty close to this:

23miles into the trip the new Michellin Pilot Road 2's were feelin' good.   This trip would be a good test of the new tires ...brand new style from Michelin

Not a lot of options to get through the Sierras as most of the passes are closed.  .....I elected to take Mt. Rose hwy up to the lake ............




A bit icy in spots ..but not bad sailing.



Lake Tahoe looking it's beatiful and cold self this morning.

...And heading over 89 to 88 .....
Put a check-mark by another beatiful day in the Sierras


Great  sites on hwy 88........



After the Sierras I headed down 49 ...eventually cutting west at Oakhurst and then to Coalinga and then along hwy198 (yummy) to 101 and then aimed for Creston USA


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