Road Trip For A Weekend At The Hondarosa
Heading south to meet up with Don, Tim, Wayne and Shelly

Now back at the Hondarosa, it was time to relax and enjoy.

Don had done a masterful job in preperation for this evening ...and he would put on a BBQ and fun that was out of this world.

Starting the BBQ ....the Don Carver way ....with a million BTU gopher gun.

Renojohn in charge of getting it goin'


I've lit a lot of cigars, but there is nothing like getting a good cigar going with a million BTU gopher gun.

So nice to be assigned a chore that is F U N!!

Don knew all along that he could count on the hick from Nevada

But he does fine-tune things a bit

And then Don goes to town ...skewling us on how things are done at the Hondarosa......

First off, a beautiful Tri-Tip that had been marinating in secret spices for days.

Meanwhile, Tim is so very proud of the drinks  ....and he thinks this pic proves that he could be one of those "flaming bartenders" ....the new thing in Las Vegas.

In Creston, when the sun goes down, the food goes on.

Ah shucks Don, I always wanted to be your bitch, thanks for asking.

When a shovel is used to help BBQ, you know some serious grilling is goin' on.

Damn, ...........this is lookin' good!!

Don can BBQ, drink and tell stories all at the same time.

And tiime for this night's stump on the fire we  go!!!

Tim, concerned the pepped-up fire might melt his ice cubes. ..and  puts a little distance to protect his drink.

Don has a digital thermometer ...big deal you say?
Well Don's is wireless, he can carry the receiver anywhere .....
He often goes down to ride on the moto-X track and comes back when the food is  done.
Don has life figured out.   If you're not jealous, you sure ought to be.

The salmon is done ....and Don has every reason to be proud.   Great show on the grill Don.

Getting the table set for dinner.  BBQ's Tri-Tip, salmon, beans, red potatos, salad .......
It may look great, but the taste was even better.   Make no mistake, this was the best meal.

After dinner Don and myself take a looong sitting in the HOT jacuzzi.   Stories, jokes and a nice cigar.   Damn, life at the Hondarosa is the best!!

And another great late night around the campfire.
For all of you ...You may have noticed that after this weekend, all the world's problems have been solved, the world is a better place.
On behalf of Don, Tim and myself, you are very welcome.   Glad we could stay up late after good meals, drinking and solving all the world's problems for you.

So the next morning I get up and decide to take a quick spin over on 229.  The road had really captured my imagination and it is really something ...a road with great character and personality.

So, I'd run it twice ...down and then back up.

Make no mistake when I tell you:
** I made that road my bitch
** when I say "who's your daddy":  229 answers back Renojohn
** I had that road crying for it's mommy
** I blistered the tarmac off of that road

And then coming to the 2nd corkscrew on the steep descent, the kid on the right beats me down!!!!   LOL
Yep, I got beat by a kid on a bicycle on 229.  I clocked this kid at over 50MPH as he carved the corkscrew with amazing precision.

At the bottom we talked and he took great pride.  He was a great and nice kid and it was a lot of fun to talk with him.

I said:  Double or Nothing ...I'll race you to the top ...but he was too smart for that.

The nice kid on the left beat me down the 2nd corkscrew on 229.

One of my favorite people, who I had not seen in a long time lives a spit away from the Hondarosa in Atascadero.   I really wanted to see Wayne ((DRxDR) on this trip.  I first met Wayne a few years ago when he brought too much  fun to the first Reno V-Strom Gathering.   

Wayne is the kind of guy who is very much a straight shooter, yet can 'dis with the best.   In a few words:  Wayne is one of the best fellows a true guy could ever want to be around.

Don, Tim and I would meet up with Wayne at a BBQ joint in Atascadero.   I was the only one to know beforehand that this group would be good fun.

OH, and Wayne had just bought and modified a KTM 690 Super Motard ...and I was dying to ride it!!

Wayne and Renojohn ....Damn, great to see you Wayne

Of course, the KTM 690SM was the center of attention.

And immediately we gave wayne a truckload of shits for having chrome wheel weights.   No concern, Wayne can dish it up with the best of 'em.

I had no doubt that Don and Wayne would not be short of Dialogue.

Don sayin' I'm gettin me one of these!!

Good time over lunch as we scarfed down some swine

And then it was time to do some riding!!  Don let us on even more great roads ...and it was a treat to have Wayne with us.

We stopped here, ...near a great stretch of road with tight turns and bumps and it was time to share the KTM!!

I was sooo excited to pilot this machine ....and it was even more than I imagined.   Incredible fun and the perfect bike for the great roads that these guys have.   Thanks so much Wayne!!

Returning from the funnerest ride of  my life!!!

Thumbs up from Wayne and Don

Now Tim would violate the tarmac on the fancy Super Motard.......

And then Don would do the same!!!

Don felt right at home on the streetified dirt bike!!

Wayne, you crazy old bastard, you are the best fun I've ever seen.

.......uhhh,,   Don,'s time to get back on the FJR  :-)

This was  some great fun for all.   Great job modifying the bike Wayne, it looks and functions wonderfully.

Renojohn says that Don will have a supermotard very very soon.

So we all take off for some great riding ...including 229 again ...the pefect road for a super motard.

And after an exchange of fun at this roadside stop ...we see that wayne picked up a nail
Not leaking yet, we decide to follow him home ...or until the tire starts to lose air.

Tim leading the persuit behind the supermotard.

Meanwhile Don and I play cat-n-mouse I am giving Don the love.

Well, Wayne made it three miles from home before the tire lost too much air.    Long story short, some slime from boyscount Don -and Wayne made it  home ....where he invited us all over.

And now, Mrs. Wayne (Shelly) is in the mix!!  Great to meet you Shelly.

More fun and storytelling .......

And tire talk always comes up ...and this was no exception.  Wayne shows the weird wear from a BT-021 that he had on his BMW RT.   Picture doesn't do justice to how this tire really got squirley.

Wayne and Shelly have a beautiful home ...and the back yard is on par with the rest.   How do they keep it so beautiful?  Well the truth is lots of work.  But Wayne says it's because of how he keep the gophers and squirrels away.   ---And he was eager to show us how he does it.

And what is a bike ride without firearms??

Wayne showing off his very  fancy and unique back-yard rifle

And he gets ready to kill something ....note those eyes.   Wayne takes killing things very seriously.

And after a great shot, he shows the satisfaction in his face
.....and Don's thinking:
"Dude, you're crazy ...I'd really like to do some riding with you"

Renojohn predicts we'll all see these guys sharing great riding and great fun together.

Tim headed back to Santa Barbara.
Damn, it had been a great weekend.  I decided to spend another night.   Wayne and Shelly had offered many times for me to stay over with them ...and I had an invitation at the Honderosa as well.  I really wanted to spend  some time with Wayne to catch up on life and talk past stories, and figured Don was sick of the hick from Nevada ....
Actually, I knew Don was fine that I'd be spending the evening with Wayne and Shelly ....


Don and Tim,
Can't thank you guys enough for the great days of fun and riding!!   The best fun, the best roads and good times by all.   Truly a weekend for the record books. 

I very much look forward to returning the great hospitality.  Thanks for having me down at the Hondarosa - The experience is one that will never be forgotten.   You're a prince of a guy my friend.



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