FJR Gathering, BBG-Utah, Colorado and more

WFO winds down

Saturday after the BBG ride I tried to get a little sleep, and a 'little' was all I got.  Instead, more socializing, fun and tire-kicking.

This afternoon I see a cool Ducati MultiStrada ride up, it is Gary Egan.  Gary had come to see Warchild and other LD folks at the gathering. 

I had read much about Gary's legendary rides and knew he was quite a character.  Having previously heard his recorded phone messages while doing his record breaking UCC -these were enough to tell me that the guy had a passion for riding and wonderful sense of adventure.  Not to mention, I'm a big fan of the MultiStrada.

George intruduced me to Gary and we shared a few words ...he was just as I had expected - a real character.

A few hours later Gary approached me and congratulated me on the BBG ride.  I said: 
"Thanks, it was a fun one, as it was unique and on some great roads"

and Gary said: 
"That is great, enjoy them now, soon you'll just think they're a waste of fuckin' gas money"

LOL, I had to laugh, this statement could be taken many ways ...and I know exactly how Gary meant it. 

I had always wanted to meet Gary, after reading his trip reports, knowing of his achievements ....and this day it happened, it was a real treat for me.

During the day more time was spent with many of the FJR crowd.  Some good people and good fun.

Saturday evening quickly came and it was time for dinner and the night's festivities.  TurboDave gave a very nice talk on his tenure riding motorcycles and there was a lot of good fun and frivolity ...including a drawing where selected folks competed in blowing up condoms until they popped.  The winner walked away with a new Nolan flip helmet.  Lots of other prizes were awarded.

As the evening wore on, Don Carver and I got a chance to trade stories and silliness and he kept my drink full.  Don is some good silly fun and I look forward to more silliness with him.  Thanks for all the drinks and fun Don, you're no street pussy.

A few hours sleep and Sunday morning was here.   Monte had got out early to head home, I was a bit more leisure.  By mid-morning many had started their long trips home as evident by the missing bikes.  By late morning I had WFO in my rearview mirror.  It had been a good time, great fun, fantastic people and a wonderful experience.

It was now time to start my trip to Colorado and I was very excited.  A leisurely pace through Great Gorge:

It was here that I realized that I still had my BBG rally towel with me!   The recent memories flooded my mind and I thought that I might as well keep the rally alive so-to-speak.  Here is the first of many pics that I included my "Molester" rally towel as I started a new journey.

I soon made my way into Colorado:

       I wanted to stay off of main roads and with some good coaching the evening brought me into the town of Meeker.  A sleepy little town and I got a cheap hotel room.  Mind you, I'm not finicky and am pretty cheap so no high expectations.  But, this would be the first time in many years after seeing the room I asked for my money back.  Wore out, smelly, dirty, noisy.   Realizing few options I went to the GPS pointed me to a spot a few blocks away off of the main drag.

My GPS pointed me to the "Flying U Guest House".   My gosh, what a dream, beautiful, inexpensive with just a few very nice rooms.  This place was nice, cozy perfect in every way.  After many days without sleep I fell into a blissful coma for 10hours in my temporary and cozy abode.
15-thumbs up to the Flying U Guest House -these accomodations and the folks are great.
223 Main Street, Meeker, CO 81641, 970-878-3540 

The next day rode through some nice sites and towns including Walden CO where I see this Classic FJ in front of the Post Office

Later -hungry and wanting some Colorado flavor I stop in this rustic spot

And it tasted even yummier than it looks!  I think those fries were fried in bacon grease.

More very nice roads and a quick stop for a photo at the Columbine Lodge.

I was a bit aimless in my travels as the day wore on and I decided to head into Boulder Colorado.  I hadn't wanted to hit big towns, but I had never been to Boulder and thought it might be worth seeing .............