FJR Gathering, BBG-Utah, Colorado and more

Great Roads in Southern Colorado.

Thusday afternoon
I was ready to start up the million dollar hwy.  Hwy550 north of Durango.   It starts off calm but turns into nice sweepers and great scenery.

Overlooking the town of Silverton:

Typical of the type of the nice sweepers on this section:

Occassional road construction but always very short waits.   Here I bunched up with some other riders.   Cruisers and a Triumph Tiger.  These folks all quickly faded in the FJR's rearview mirrors once we got going.

550 is a good riding road as advertised ..but it is north of Silverton that riding really gets good IMO as it narrows down and becomes much tighter.  Ouray is a very scenic town and the whole area is very picturesque.

In this pocket of the state, around every corner you see huge mountain ranges and you know that each little spur both paved and dirt must go to amazing places.  I plan to learn more about this area and come back for some dirt and street riding.  It is amazing country.

Very glad I got the chance to stumble into this nicecouple in Ridgway CO.   This guy is no street pussy.  Has ridden all over the world and very much a riding enthusiast.  Does much on dirt (his primary ride a KTM950adventure) here he is on one of his many other bikes a BMW GS12.   He is nearly always 2-up...INCLUDING when on dirt!  This includes when he does the Colorado500!(clicky)

We traded lots of stories and fun and he gave me a little known route from just south of Cortez CO into SE Utah.  Many hours later I would do this route ..and indeed it was a real treat.  A road that doesn't show up on most maps, on the maps it does show up on it is shown as dirt ...but it has recently been paved.   Thanks! ....and I'll be in touch, I see some riding in our future!

Infinite fun roads and great scenery in this lower section of Colorado.  ...this particular shot taken near Teluride.



The tiny cute town of Rico Co


I continued south down to Cortez and then took the tiny road that my friends above suggested.  It brought me into SE Utah where I pointed north up to Blanding.   At Blanding I had been in the saddle for about 14hours so I called it a day and spent the night there.