FJR Gathering, BBG-Utah, Colorado and more

Mt Evans and heading south.

Morning I headed out of the Boulder area ...with NO GPS!  It had failed on me coming into Boulder and never got better ..time resting it only made it worse.  I had no idea how dependent I had become of it!   Out came the maps and I had to do things the old-fashioned way.  I felt like a real old fashioned explorer.

I took a zig-zag route over to Mt. Evans ...along the way riding through some nice areas.

Mt Evans is pretty cool can drive way up to well over 14,000feet.

On the way up to Mt Evans:


....and at the top:


....and near the base of Mt. Evans

So, this little girl at the base of Mt. Evans was quite taken by motorcycles.  She wouldn't take her eyes off of me or the FJR.  She'd point and say:    "Moto,  ...Moto"

She was being escorted by 3 generations of family, from all over the world.   Spain, Mexico, France and even Colorado. 

They were interesting people and it was fun talking to them.  The mom, (pictured left) was from Mexico.  We traded lots of stories and she was fascinated by how much riding I've done down there.  No suprise the nicest person of the trip was from Mexico.  And this little girl is loved much by many family members.  They had all gathered in Colorado to spend time and vacation with this special little girl.

It would be my second time running into these folks.  The first time I found them was west of Boulder ..stuck on the side of a rural road.   Their bike had died on them and wouldn't start. They had been there over an hour and were fiddling with thet bike trying to figure out the problem and their options.  I took a glance, flicked their kill switch back on and started the bike for them.  They were now ready to go ...embarassed and appreciative.    They were from Atlanta doing a zig-zag of the continental divide.   Funny running into them again, days later and hundreds of miles further, here in Leadville USA.

What you use to get around during the winter in Colorado


I had lots of help with my route planning and at the top of the list is Dave (Pinhead in the FJR circles).  Dave had helped me much both via email and on the phone.   I was getting close to his hometown of Gunnison so I gave him a call.  We met up, talked and I met his better half Kyndall. 

It was a real treat to meet Dave and Kyndall and they were wonderful hosts.  It had been a long day ...and I knew the next day was going to be something real special.    Thanks so much Dave and Kyndall for all the hospitality and generosity.  You two are the best!

The cutest house, full of charm (and my sentimental favorite) in Gunnison CO