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Boulder, Ward and adjoining fun

Night in Boulder was not what I expected.  I got a room near downtown and quickly took off on foot to explore the city.  A 'city' with a large 'town' feeling.  Lots of energy, a college town.  Very clean and extremely vibrant with MUCH activity.
I must have walked 10miles that evening exploring the town until very late into the night.   Even on a Monday night, there was much to see and experience.

I was very glad that I decided to go into Boulder and spend some time.   A very beautiful, clean and vibrant place.

Morning I decided I wanted to see more of the Boulder area so I decided to stay another night and do a day ride out of Boulder and explore the area.  From viewing maps it appeared that there was much exploring that could be done in the mountains west of Boulder.   I did this, and believe me, ...I was NOT dissaponted.

Nederland ...a funky kinda throw-back place west of Boulder.   This is the start of some real fun roads and some funky places that capture your imagination.

Ward Colorado
The town has received both admiration for its acceptance of outcasts and social misfits, as well as criticism as being a lawless haven for drug users, criminals, and the mentally ill. It also boasts the highest concentration of Ph.D. degree holders in the U.S. (more Ward info clicky)

So, you can see why renojohn had to spend some time exploring this place.   In the midst of some funky roads, and not on any main road, you have to work to get into this town.  The residents take down any roads signs that mention or point to this place.  Fascinating, and a great find.  I had some interesting dialouge with some of the locals. 
Also, many of the roads around Ward are not on mainstream maps and offer some great riding.  I spent the day exploring hundreds of miles of these roads.   And yes, I missed the V-Strom terribly on these funky roads. 
Some pictures of Ward:

City Center:

Not far from Ward on a more mainstream road is this place.   Pretty funky.  I was sitting at the bar talking to the bartender and some locals when a european tourist couple came in.   They asked for a decafeinated coffee.   The (BTW very nice) Bartender replied:  "Does this look like the kind of place where people drink Decaf???"  ...and rolled her eyes toward the door.  The europeans got the hint and scuttled away.   LOL LOL


A person could ride these roads for a long time soaking in the funky sites.