FJR Gathering, BBG-Utah, Colorado and more

A "Splash" Of Utah Anyone?

Morning after a solid night's sleep I hit a small rustic Indian trading post for some espresso and Wi-Fi internet access (just as the real indians use to do).

Eventually got moving north.  No easy way to transverse southern Utah so I decided to zig-zag the state again.  My route would take me north up to Hanksville, then over to Torrey then down 12 ...around Zion and then I'd head over Brianhead into Cedar City.  No straight line, but great sites and good  riding.

Early on, I hit a little rain ....

Not just the passing thundershowers, this was socked-in heavy rain

It eventually let up and a clean cool Utah was all mine!!

Utah was relatively new to me until this summer, but after the Utah1088(clicky) in June, the WFO BBG a week before and now this day's zig-zag, I had well over 3,000miles in Utah in just the last couple of months.   And a pleasure it was!   I can see why events like the Utah1088 are so popular as riding Utah is a real treat and only gets better the more you do it.

LOL ...and here is my old friend from the Utah1088!(clicky)   The Rallybastard took me to skewl on this old school house boni.


No, not the Village People, but nearly as ghey is some Canadians trying to be cool in biker garb.  Nice guys though and we traded some stories and I told them how I was using the rally towel to take pictures of "Interesting Things" and they qualified.  You'd think they'd be insulted at this remark, but no, they're Canadian.  This is in Torrey Utah the top of hwy 12.

Hwy 12 is well known in Utah and a nice road to ride.   A tad over-rated IMO, but still good.  This day though it was a real challenge as it was slicker than snot.  Not sure why the rain made this road so slick, but it was, and this made for some great challenging riding as keeping traction through the corners was tough.

The rain was heavy and solid.  In many places cars would pull over as visibility was so tough.  I kept going as it was fun to try to keep traction around the turns.   Certainly I caught hwy 12 at a unique time!

Hit flash flooding.  Muddy water was crashing down out of the hills.   Pictures don't do justice as the sound of the flood water crashing down off the hills and it wsa LOUD, and it would cause huge run-offs where typically the ground is dry ..often times coming down the roadway like a river.

Again, these pics don't do justice to the water crashing down


This guy had stopped in amazement too .....couldn't believe the heavy downpoor and the crashing water ...or that I was crazy enough to be on a motorcycle.

By Henrieville things had let up ....a Ducati MultiStrada 2-up approaching ...not realizing what lies ahead for them.


Eventually around Zion, over Brianhead and into Cedar City where I hit nightfall and high temperatures.  Realized how lucky I had been the last week with such cool temperatures in Colorado ..and this day in wet Utah.
Slabbed it down to Las Vegas.   Vegas is on the wimpy end of the great Battle-Born state of Nevada, hence a good place to get acclimated for a day or two before heading home to the "real" end of the state.

As I get the bike unloaded at the hotel entrance, a typical Vegas site of 'young, dumb and ready for fun'.   Pushing midnight, these girls are getting ready to go out and paint the town.  No place like Vegas


Two nights in Vegas and then north to Reno
The desert peyote makes some people do interesting things:


Finally time to retire the Rally Towel had seen some sites and had some fun. Last known location of the WFO 6 "MOLESTER" rally towel:
Kit Kat Ranch (Brothel) near Mina NV


What a great trip ...some Nevada riding and a visit with Tommy, A great time at WFO 06 ..highlighted by a unique and fun BBG ride.  Then many days exploring and having fun in Colorado.   Finished off by yet another zig-zag of Utah and some fun in southern Nevada.

Just under 6,000miles for the trip.

FJR did splendid, especially in it's element in Utah.  Colorado:  No street pussy next time, I'm coming at you wtih the V-Strom.

Thanks for the ride-along.

Riding Moto-Bikes is good fun!!

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